Euclid Ave. in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, Ga


Euclid Avenue cuts along the heart of the Little 5 Points neighborhood of Atlanta. It is one of the most walkable districts in the city. This neighborhood is known for its eclectic vibe, where street vendors and artists criss-cross with concert -goers, shoppers, skaters, and other city folk. Several storefronts face the street, and most businesses keep their windows and doors open, feeding the ambient sounds of city life in a very similar way to what Shuhei Hosokawa describes as musica mobilis in “The Walkman Effect.”[14]

Almost every city-owned object along Euclid Avenue is prime real estate for sticker bombers, used as canvases to attach their adhesive devices; these street signs, light posts, parking meters, and pedestrian traffic lights all bear the signs of various campaigns that have come and gone.

Some signs have been completely encapsulated by the sticker art, like an old city-owned slab of aluminum, overgrown with vinyl kudzu. And yet, these stickers remain, fading away by virtue of the elements, having served by their authors, ignored by the city, embraced by the regulars as an iconic part of the neighborhood.[15]

They are part of a campaign by visual artists to claim public space just as “[p]eople are mobilizing private media infrastructures within public infrastructures to momentarily claim them for personal space.”[16]

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Street Adhesive Samples

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