Stickers as identity


The presence of these stickers on a street corner has become a symbol of locality and native culture. What may begin as a solitary piece of vinyl in a parking deck can spread quickly to a light post, or street name sign a few blocks away. Soon enough, they will engulf most of the city’s neighborhoods, especially those, as Geisty Boy, creator of Mr. Fangs, reveals on his website, that are considered to be abandoned or ignored.

To channel Clifford Geertz, channeling Max Webber,[19] the city dweller is a creature suspended in a web of significance he himself has spun, or in this case, pieced together with self-adhesive decals. Urban identity borrows a lot from those webs of messages scattered all over the city streets, and it is the inhabitants of this common space that must make analysis of the plethora of visual stimuli intruding their plane of sight to search for some coherent meaning of what it means to live in the city.

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Street Adhesive Samples

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